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A course focused on the financing aspects of grain elevator operations with special emphasis on fulfilling the financial requirements associated with basis trading activities. Designed to prepare the ag-lender with the knowledge, ability and resources to attract and service high-performing grain loans and prepare the grain organization for effective discussions with their lenders.

For the Ag-Lender:

  • Understand how and why grain operations utilize basis trading to make their money …. And why that makes this sector such a good credit risk.

  • Understand how grain loans are properly secured and the red-flags that signal trouble.

  • Gain the knowledge and confidence to represent the elevator client fairly and effectively to the loan committee.

For the client’s financial management team:

  • Understand the implications of Mark-to-Market on your Borrowing Base Report.

  • Use planning and borrowing base projections to identify future money needs to stay prepared for any market environment.

  • 100% online
  • On Demand/start anytime
  • Available 24/7
  • Self-Paced
  •  4 Modules - estimated completion <6 weeks
  • Includes phone Q&A sessions

Fee:  $950 
Special rates available for WCC Participants

This course should follow Core Skills of Basis Trading.

I would take the course just for access to the excellent presentations in the library! The finale live event was well thought out and informal enough to facilitate participation from everyone in the room. If you or a member of your team needs a refresher, understanding a brokerage statement, analyzing grain company positions, or just talking about all the aspects of lending to grain basis traders, register for this course.
Brian Donahue
Wells Fargo Capital Finance
Racine, WI


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