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G R A I N  M E R C H A N T  C E R T I F I C A T I O N  P R O G R A M
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The Certified Grain Merchant career path focuses on the skills and talents needed to be a successful lead grain merchandiser. This intensive 9-course program gives students a well-rounded study of the art of trading basis and prepares them for making real-world decisions.


Who Is a Certified Grain Merchant?

  • A basis trading enthusiast who uses these skills to enhance margins
    and improve profits for the grain division.

  • Devoted to the daily pursuit of buy basis, sell basis and spreading
    opportunities in a financially responsible way.

  • Leads a team committed to serving the ag-industry with an attention
    to details and exceptional customer service.




WCC Grain Merchandising Certification Program has actually been an invaluable tool for me. Not only did it teach the basics of how to merchandise any crop, but it provided great industry insight into the mechanics of the markets. WCC provided the tools to allow me to hone those skills to a mastery. The greatest thing I gained through WCC were the business contacts that have turned into personal friends.

Jerry Rogers Associate Director, Rail Grain Merchandising
Certified Grain Merchant
Tyson Foods
Springdale, AR

C O U R S E S  O F  S T U D Y

Level I Two-Part Course

Level II Two-Part Course

Level III Course

Farm Marketing Essentials

1 Elective Course

GMC Live Event

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