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The Certified Merchandising Assistant career path prepares merchandising support staff with the knowledge of practical applications needed to assist in the execution of the company’s daily basis trading activities.


Who Is a Certified Grain Merchandising Assistant?

  • An advocate for the use of basis trading skills to enhance margins and increase profitability for the grain division.
  • The wearer of many hats who enjoys taking on the responsibilities of daily basis trading activities.
  • A member of the team who takes pride in fulfilling the company’s commitment to exceptional customer service.



White Commercial is a pivotal part of The DeLong Company’s trainee program. It gives people new to the industry a set of skills and knowledge that would have taken them 1 year to develop.

Chris DeLong
Certified Grain Merchant
The DeLong Company
Clinton, WI


C O U R S E S  O F  S T U D Y

Level I Two-Part Course

1 Elective Course

Our mission is to enhance the well-being and success of agricultural businesses through world class education and management consulting.

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