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The Farm Marketing Specialist career path focuses on developing the confidence, knowledge and skills that lead to meaningful and actionable discussions that assist farmers in their marketing decisions.


Who Is a Certified Farm Marketing Specialist?

  • A knowledgeable believer, teacher and implementer of profit-based marketing ideals in the farming operation.
  • The advocate for win-win marketing solutions.
  • One with a sincere interest in helping the customer with a strong commitment to nurture a long-term relationship.



We definitely take the profit on the farm message right to the farm. That’s a term that we’ve borrowed from White Commercial. We promote farmers knowing their cost of production and selling at consistently profitable price levels. White Commercial has given us the tools to facilitate this process.

Jenifer Pemberton
Certified Grain Merchant
Deerfield Farms Service, Inc.
Deerfield, OH

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Our mission is to enhance the well-being and success of agricultural businesses through world class education and management consulting.

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